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This is Silje. 

She is an irreplaceable mother of four, under 35 and an all around kind and giving human being. Unfortunately Silje was recently diagnosed with HER2 Positive Breast Cancer.  And even though the Oslo University Hospital (Radiumhospitalet), international recommendations and the Norwegian Breast Cancer association (NBCG) have recommended her a treatment called Pertuzumab (Perjeta), the public hospitals are not aloud to offer the treatment, as it’s not yet approved by the Norwegian health care system aka. politics. It’s always about the money!

Fortunately Silje can still get the treatment, but at a privat hospital. This campaign is here to help her pay the bill + support other women battling brast cancer.

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Here’s how it works:

  • You buy your favourite boobs
  • 70 % goes to the cause
  • 15 % goes to the artist
  • 15% goes to organising & production

Anything beyond 100.000 NOK / 11773 USD (the rest of her medical bill) will be donated as a gift to the National Breast Cancer Foundation.

︎ Rewards / Products
Choose between A4 Poster, A3 Poster, a Collection of Postcards (10 random tits) or go bananas with a SkateBOOB or BohoBOOB Gift set. All the artworks are made or given to this campaign by some of my favourite illustrators. The pieces are credited with  name and number, which you'll find again in the dropdown menu of your selected reward.

01. Janine Rewell
02. Anette Moi
03. Laila Myrseth Tryggeset
04. Nora Brech
05. Sarah Tanat-Jones
06. Peter-John de Villiers (PJ)
07. Jonas Ersland
08. Trude Tjensvold
09. Franziska Barczyk
10. Kristofer Haugvik
11. Virginia Zamora
12. Timo Lenzen
13. Dan Matutina
14. Nicklas Haslestad
15. Clara Selina Bach
16. Esra Røise
17. Helene Egeland
18. Virginia Zamora (again)
19. Kelsey Wroten
20. Kine Andersen

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This fundraiser is initated and run by Veronica Mike (me). I love everything art and design, and I love when talented people join forces for good. This fundraising is personal to me, but also for many of the artists who also have family members affected by breast cancer. We all thank you for making your way to this site and for considering buying our boobs. 

Reach out if you have any questions about this fundraiser or just want to become friends. 


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